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    • neutral neutrality英文單字用法!!

      ...的白色系列,是夏季大家都想搶購的中性色。 註: 這句neutral當名詞用指顏色 有關中性色系說明,可參:http://tw.myblog... Fashion -Summer's most valuable players are game for anything. 這句的...

    • 看完經濟報導篇整理出幾個問題

      dramatic earning revision is most likely over戲劇性的財測修正可能已經結束了。Earnings... upgrade the stock to "overweight" form "neutral". JP摩根公司(知名證券商)將該股從「中立」升級為...

    • 英文好的人..可以幫我看一下文法嗎?

      ... to pay for organic food, the other revealed : extremely willing(7%), Neutral(20%), the results showed that most of the male and female were willing to buy organic food. 2....