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  1. most obedient

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    • 請各位網友大師幫忙修正一下英文文法

      ...can imagine how happy daddy and mammy will be when you come back because you are the most obedient child compared to me. Take care of yourself and ...

    • 請各位高高手幫我翻下面的英文短文<是有關駱駝的>

      大部分的人認為駱駝是種順服的馱獸, 因為它最為人知的就是它能承載重物, 越過廣大無際的沙漠,而不需要水. 事實上, 駱駝不是只有像阿拉伯人的騾一樣, 它也擁有大量的智慧和感受性. 阿拉伯人表示, 駱駝能相當敏銳的察覺到不公的事,以及不友善的對待,因此,駱駝的主人發現, 如果處罰...

    • 請托福專家幫忙看英文托福作文文法

      ... expect that their children are obedient to them. They think sending would request for higher pay. It's because most employers think a person with a degree would show ...