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    • 關於more often的問題... 請文法達人協助~

      大都用 more oftenmost often, 像基本試題 但也有用 oftener 的, 如這字典 像例子: be painted not oftener than twice a year (出自 http://www...

    • 幫幫我翻譯一下 這是一個英文短句 需要中翻英

      Most often they are made by questionnaire and require recall of rather non-salient details of life over 60 or more years. 這些資料大多得自問卷調查,藉由回憶60年以前甚至更久以前所回想出的細節.

    • 翻譯文法修正~有20點喔

      One item (tool) I use most often is a Victorinox's Swiss Card...被這個動詞涵蓋到了clip paper很怪。或者也可以說 I often use it to clip my nails and cut paper. bedeck 完全...