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    • career out being 是什麼意思呢

      make something out 是一個片語 make somebody/something↔out 看清;聽清;分清;辨認清楚 聲稱;把…說成 She's not as rich as people make out. 她並不像人們說的那樣富有。 He made out that he had been robbed. 他說他讓人搶了。 She...

    • 英文翻譯,很急!拜託各位!(20)

      文字從喬納森綠色,美國攝影:一個關鍵的歷史 傑里Uelsmann的photomontages也許是最重要的白銀版畫實現60 。他的照片是一個奇怪的混合主題,圖案和敏感性。在一個單一的Uelsmann打印一個可能會發現彈出的內容和表現,攝影的喜劇片,攝影自我的...

    • 翻譯 贈10點

      ...population density increase, making England become the most rich and populous Kingdom in the Britain...lake area of England, its beautiful have to be outrageous;Scotch highland in addition to desolate and disconsolate still...