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  1. most painful

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    • 英文造句(轉成最高級)

      ...woman with the longest hair in the world. painfulIt was the most painful journey we have ever had. poisonousIs that kind of snake the most poisonous...

    • 請問有人可以幫我把以下翻譯成英文嗎? 【20點!】

      ...let it go. I regret to lose the love of my live and that is the most painful thing in the world. If God is willing to give me...

    • 一句英文請教專家

      The father ever learns from his experience of hanging out the nappies to the amusement of his neighbors. Let them laugh, God and the angels smile in heaven. 做爸爸的,幫小孩涼尿片,讓鄰居見笑 - 這種經驗都會讓他...