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    • passive voice 是不是不一定要加by或with的

      ...agent phrase and are called agentless passives. The entity responsible for an action may not be ...當作者不想提及誰人做, 因為某種原因 The most popular supervisor was asked to leave...

    • 有關於英文文法 'passive'的相關問題

      ... "have". "By" in this case doesn't show the "passive". In this sentnce, "by" means "because". 你的...

    • 關於以下英文題目翻譯???

      ...war and conquest have always exported disease. The most cataclysmic event for human health was Columbus...無疑就是哥倫布的登陸美洲大地 essect 應是 effect 之誤 passive smoking 二手煙之意 原文scope;lengthy的符號 有特殊...