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    • states怎做解釋

      states 這裏是“州” - 譬如佛羅里達,加州,德州 This American patriotic holiday is celebrated by most of states. 這個美國愛國節日,在大部份的州都會慶祝。

    • 介系詞當開頭的問句??

      ...2010-03-23 08:20:33 補充: What degree are you patriotic to? What age do you hope to retire at? What situations are you most likely to procrastinate in? 上述這種將介系詞移至句尾的方式是正確...

    • 請幫我翻譯 >< 急

      ..., is a city which I live, most north surrounds Taibei in Taiwa... day the time, that day is must commem orate a patriotic poet Qu Yuan's day, ancient times...