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  1. most pessimistic

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    • 請幫我修正英文錯誤

      瑞秋是一個 最悲觀的主人 Rachel is the most pessimistic hostess. 安娜是一個女服務生 Anna is a waitress. 她們擁有一個...

    • 請英文高手幫忙回答 感謝:)

      ... sister's dress, so she bought her a new one. (1) pessimistic (2) optimistic (3) guilty (4) innocent 4/8. Our friendship is the most _____ thing in my life. I will treasure it forever. (1) conventional...

    • 英文作文翻譯,請幫忙更正改錯。

      ...the person they thought I am now. I was pessimistic to think of things in a bad way, and frustrate myself, and become... now, and my mother would be the one who influence me the most.