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  1. most plentiful

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    • 這題文法那兒有錯? 幫忙解答!!

      ...不如說 與其說我被他的噪音打擾不如說我被他的缺乏天份打擾。 4. 應改為most plentifulplentiful是多音節形容詞,須在前面加 most構成最高級 5.Several people...

    • 關代which的用法

      ...have been static, are now rising again. Most feed entirely on plants, which makes ...of the week are carrots, which are plentiful and cheap. His jokes didn't even raise...

    • 幫我翻譯段落(中翻英) 很急!! 20點 to born under being moist blue positive small stream, plentiful rainwater perennially, supply the sufficient water for Yilan..., it is portrayal of native country , true life the most of native in Yilan to is it take place to make...