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    • 中文對話段落翻英文,拜託英文高手!!!

      ... breeze, feel the autumn air learning more poetic ㄚ! 3. Hear the saliva flowing down abundance of octopus burning material, as well as the most famous Okonomiyaki, ramen, the most important thing ...

    • 請各位英文專家幫我編劇本!!(急需)

      ...and mangoes to live through. Fall is cool and poetic, it's when we can calm ourselves and perhaps for someone to.... We cannot ski or snowboard, but we have the most delicious hot pot in the world.

    • 一篇英文演講稿 My favorite weather

      ... the most. I know this sounds strange, because most people seem to like sunny days. 我最喜歡的天氣是陰天...還是下雨天 Cloudy days are also specially poetic, that makes me enjoy thinking something by...