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    • 急急急~誰能幫我翻譯一下這段英文

      依照由斯蒂芬Sondheim 和cocreator 詹姆斯・Lapine 設想(跟隨他們的普利策得獎的星期天在公園與喬治), 入樹林講多個fairy-tale 字符的複雜傳說橫渡道路在樹林, 不僅僅解決字符的困境而且探索什麼發生在愉快地以後從此以後。Sondheim 的分庭稱音樂, 1987 的接收者...

    • 英文翻譯串連成作文!!

      1.Most of people all like watching the movie, so do I ., it usually let people provide much food for thought and the poignant impression. 4.Besides inspire people's ...

    • 中翻英 (文章的一小段)

      ...because they do not have the extra time to waste, do not like the most teenagers like reckless reckless attempt again to say did not therefore deliberately emphasize their poignant misery, after all like and love itself is a very...