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    • 這幾個英文單字的比較? a detailed level . This is the most accurate description of the killer to date… Quartz...and is not late. He’s always very punctual . Precise(adj) use precise to emphasize that you are ...

    • 請幫忙英翻中(產品說明資料)

      翻譯如下: # RCS-9010 運用最技術上先進的和精確冷卻液米可利用的今天以特點, 您無法找到別處。它是理想的為HVAC 和冷藏服務, 包括重要充電小制冷系統。與RCS-9010 您能測量重量在公尺和英國單位。RCS-9010 是可編程式的, 和有被修造在警報表明被編程的...

    • 幫我中翻英~(一段中文摘要)

      ...ability, the inhibition ability of the thyme of musk is the most apparent; In P. 2009-08-17 01:17:09 補充... grass, musk thyme, can smoke clothing grass geranium precise oil inflammation cell secretion amount of hormone inhibit effectively...