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    • 修改一下問卷

      ...滿意, 請告訴我們你的想法 On a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is the most agreeable and 5 is the most disagreeable, please give us your ...

    • 英文解答加翻譯5句[勿用線上翻譯]

      1.Some people prefer to follow a predictable pattern in their life: school, then marriage and ...) compared被比較 5.The most frequently used service on the lnternet is electronic...

    • 急!!英文段落翻譯?

      ...人將樂於嘗試,極使成效成疑並且風險極大。 To most people, the earliest adopters of these ...for interventions to become safer and more predictable. 否則,他們必須等到充滿缺陷的程序被捨棄,技術上的...