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    • 急件!!麻煩幫我中翻英~~~~考試用!!(20點)

      ...a very happy night. 2.I recently watched the preposterous 10 this movies, this movie not only is not fearful...may relax the mood as well as the belly laughter. 7.I most often recreational activity is window-shops, because...

    • 95進修英文閱讀測驗4

      ...不太會說話她只會用叫的和瞪人 40.In his passage,the word“preposterousmost nearly means (A)dedicated v.奉獻 (B)scientific a.明確...

    • English discussion 100words

      ...similar to the trouble Impressionism faced and most other major revolutionary art movements. And nature, he is branded a fraud? How preposterous!So, why is modern Abstract Art...