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  1. most ravishing

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    • 求英文短文翻譯(急)

      ...日本,因為在那裏,生活環境非常乾淨,風景也很迷人,The country I most want to go is Japan due to its clean environment, ravishing view, Ravishing view = 迷人的風景 也可以享受道地的美食和文化,例如說...

    • 這段英文,請幫我翻譯一下,不是作業謝謝(20點兒)" toward their new queen and her "ravishing" of them with her "loving...wonderful spectacle, of a noble hearted princess toward her most loving people. 如果有人言語形容能力很好的話...

    • 中翻英~((急))~{20點}

      ...trail is exceptionally gorgeous under the soft moonlight. Most important of all is the fact that all this .... And who can ever forget the ravishing trail along the shore. A trip to the Kan...