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    • 他這個人哪! 真是掃興!英文怎麼講???

      ...most cases. But I wonder if I can just make the most of the idiom and use it in our daily conversation, just to create some humorous or sarcastic effect!! It seems like I can. What do you say...

    • 請各位英文高手幫我訂正文法(很急)

      ... all, my family and friends are close to me the most, so I don’t want to hurt their hearts. I think ...

    • 英文高手請幫忙! 短文翻譯!

      ...kill a person, some people always hate barbed words, even sarcastic laugh. I like sincere friends of mutual ... not a good man, but not a saint, I have the most extraordinary vision and the most mundane life, I just want...