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  1. most senseless

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    • 合乎文法的中翻英(不要軟體翻譯喔)

      .... Day after day, both the body and the heart become senseless, so many people start to do social activities, ...proper deep breath, they can realize the simplest and the most natural fun every day. It's very important for the...

    • 誰可以幫我翻譯文章,中文翻英文,很急!!

      ...and my elder sister was has let the senseless summer vacation increase a dissimilar color, subscribed...slightly, makes the garden area public vehicle, to the zoo most peak, downward strolled is the temperate zone animal...

    • 能麻煩一下英文高手嗎~急

      ...who saw the horrific scene were scared senseless and were sent to a nearby ER. ...when life becomes difficult. Statistics show most perpetrators of domestic violence where once ...