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    • a streetcar named desire~

      ... Named Desire is one of the most remarkable plays of our time. It ... Kowalski, a sweat-shirted barbarian, the crudely sensual brother-in-law who precipitated Blanche's...

    • 請英文達人幫我修一下英文音樂報告~!

      ... graceful. Combining the rhythms of that sensual sultry dance with the rich harmonic and formal vocabulary of jazz and...emotion at different time. I feel a music hall is the most the most pleasant place for us to appreciate music. A...

    • 中翻英 『馬達加斯加內容大概』

      ... is the star in the zoo, loving most to make everyday strange play the joy; The Marty...a whole day to feel the curious zebra to the outside world of sensual pleasures in the park; The Gloria...