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  1. most significant bit

    • n.
      the bit in a binary number which is of the greatest numerical value.
    • noun: most significant bit, plural noun: most significant bits

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    • 數位邏輯...誰能幫我翻譯這段文字(謝謝)

      ...二進位數字串列(string)裡面具有最大影響力的bit. 我們簡稱這個bit為MSB (most significant bit). 舉例來說,一個二進位表示的數字 1011其實等於 2^3+2^1+2^0。所以MSB...

    • 問一個計算機構的問題

      ...the output Is the square of the input. 然後輸出是輸入的平方。 The most significant bit of the input is a, 最重要的輸入位元是 a, and the most Significant...

    • 計算機概論題目須解答盡快

      ...the smallest value using the floating-point format in which the most significant bit is the sign bit, the next three bits represent the exponent field in excess...