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  1. most silent

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    • 關於you most glisten in this sil

      You most glisten in this silent sky. most: 最... , 副詞, 修飾動詞 glisten 比較帶有文學氣息的: 在這無聲的蒼穹裏, 你是最閃亮的星辰. 口語一點: 在這安靜的天空中, 就數您最亮了! ^_^

    • 語言學:字音/發音(贈20點)

      ... which appear in a word, but do not in themselves represent a sound. Most silent letters were pronounced at an earlier stage of the...

    • 幫我翻譯下面英文 口語話一點!! (急

      請參考以下 我最想看的電影是沉默之丘(Silent Hill )The most I want to see is the movie called on the face, but his inner part will always have a silent hill.