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  1. most sinister

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    • 請幫忙翻譯.....Hamlet

      ... is the work which in four big tragedies most early completes, in this tragedy, the disposition flaw which...undisputable, but when periphery appears very many hypocritical sinister villains, actually still persisted the ...

    • 請幫我把這個影片翻譯成中文

      ...amp; Lucia Rose Mariano 2011-01-21 19:48:04 補充: Sinister Sounding Name (聽起來很陰險的名字) : Draco 父:? 母...

    • 請幫我把一小段中文翻譯成英文~急 20點~

      .... Little by little, he returns to the most original habit. Finally, Buck lives with..., it describes all kinds of humanity and sinister which not only bring the readers into the matter of life...