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    • 中翻英文關於人生領悟的短句

      ...驚訝得是什麼?As a human, what is the most surprising affair to you? 對於人性最讓我感到驚訝的是... own double need of substance and spirit by a kindof most felicitous way. 5. 心與自然同在的時候,我們永遠...

    • the most previous?

      (the) previous quarter(s): 前(幾)幾季 the most previous quarter: 最近一季 most 翻成「最」 如果是我來寫這句英文,我會用”last quarter"來取代”the most previous quarter”。

    • 10點-請幫忙訂正英文文法 was had nothing like what I structured. The most surprising part would be that the clinician was used reward to try to motivate the client...