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    • 平民英雄的英文

      ...-of-clay kind of superhero," and perhaps "the most human" and "most sympathetic" of all superheroes. Wright, whose book traces...

    • 請英翻中翻譯Friends are among the mo

      朋友是我們生活中最重要的人。它們提供的伴侶關係、 歸屬感和同情。隨著我們的工作、 學習,和出國旅遊、 以及即使我們留在家裡,我們也可以構成與來自其他文化的人的友誼。然而,橋接文化差異有時很難。隨著語言和歷史的問題,有的身體語言、 衝突管理樣式和更多的差異。

    • 英文高中請進.請你寫下意見喔!!(20點)

      ...stand outside in the freezing weather just to have a cigarette. However, most people are not sympathetic to the inconvenience that the smokers experience. First, since smoking...