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  1. most tempting

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    • 英翻中.詞性.例句~勿用翻譯網翻譯

      .... 一旦那股票到達一個價數,他們開始有系統的抛售自己的股份。 9. tempting array (noun) 誘人的陣仗 They put out such tempting array of delicious...

    • 英文翻譯!!!!!!!很急!!!!二十點!!!!

      ..., although everybody under is threatens Gallie in teacher to tempt, the heart is unwilling, the sentiment is not willing to attend this...

    • 幫忙寫英文作文

      The most trouble I had been is I cheat in... can't help it . These activity is too tempted. But I so regret by not studying hard. ...