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    • 徵500字英文演講稿1篇~國2程度~20點

      ... a hundred reasons why we love summer. The most important and obvious one is that we can wear a variety... is summer. Whether spaghetti-stapped, transparent, baring the belly, long, short, loose o r tight, the summer...

    • 請英文專家幫我改我的英文 非常感激!!

      ... the eye of Maokong gondola because its transparent floor allows you to see the view downwards...a walk on the mountain walkway . The gondola is most famous for the trip from Zhinan to Maokong...

    • 各位可以幫我看看有哪些句型嗎?

      ...p. ..... 其中的 adv 是修飾 原形be/V 用的 a transparent draught-stop is available instead the fabric ...2008-09-18 22:12:07 補充: SORRY ***The most striking Mazda yet can’t help but turn...