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  1. most unbearable

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    • 英文高手幫我翻譯(勿用翻譯機)

      ...can be turned back to what they were. Going through this would be most unbearable. It is doubtful that things can be undone. 自私與愚笨...

    • (求) 英文作文 50個字 !!

      ..., everything has become a competition, I become most stressful when I deal with the English language... way that I relieve stress when it becomes unbearable is to release the stress on sports. ...

    • 有誰可以幫我修改一篇英文文章呢??

      ...the terminal stage of an illness, which is causing unbearable suffering and pain, he should have the right to choose... the ones who take care of them and most important, they are their families. ...