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  1. most vicious

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    • 這要怎麼翻通順勒?英文達人請解答

      ...of frustration with Wang's photos, cursed is the most vicious New York News, and even with "bad enough you" to describe...

    • 請英文高手翻譯這段短文:20點

      供給,機會越高價格競爭越明顯。譬如說,1996年的時候,SONY跟SEGA以高階的電視遊樂器在市場上給了任天堂重大的打擊。可是,96年年底,任天堂推出了更高階的64位元的系統,SONY跟SEGA的遊樂器只好大大的削價競爭。 未使用空間,這個概念,在高...

    • 急需~英翻中(Roller Derby)

      The most unruly game known to man or woman is the roller Derby... the pack, the brawl begins. No sport can duplicate the vicious shrieking, pushing, elbowing, and fighting...