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  1. mother-in-law's tongue

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    • American Dictionary of the Eng

      ... American English not a poor cousin of the mother tongue of British English, but a legitimate body worth respecting...體系3. it is still safe to say that more lasting changes in American spelling have been the result of actual use by...

    • 英語教學法audio文章~中翻英~急

      ... beginner to rehearse. Audio-lingual in addition, must be through restricting, thatted is...correct response stimulating, learner then can get rid of mother tongue used to it, form the new habit of learning...

    • 急~~英翻中20點

      ...和發音都不一樣,但是沒有一個方言特別優越過或是不如其他的方言。對一個自豪的倫敦人來說,美式說法, "rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain," 聽起來就很無稽,因為他會唸成, "rine in Spine ...