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    • 這幾題英文選擇題答案是...?

      ... (憑心而論這題語意不是很清礎,但基於 Sth/Sb is motivatedforced 後面通常接to do Sth 而非一個名詞,所以考量 directed 或 ...

    • Please motivate me.

      Well, this isn't exactly a question, so it feels a little funny to put my response here in the answers section, but I guess it's more likely you'll see it here. I don't claim to know anything about how to fix your problems personally, but at least I...

    • 英 to 法 單字翻譯 20點!!

      .... Créateur 創造性 3. motivated3. motivé 有動機 4. Pure...二ˋ中翻法 中文 法文 無限淺力 Force peu profonde infinie