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  1. motor vehicle

    • IPA[ˈˌmoʊdər ˈvihɪkəl]


    • n.
      a road vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine; an automobile.
    • noun: motor vehicle, plural noun: motor vehicles

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      ...內燃機;電動機 This sewing machine is driven by an electric motor. 這臺縫紉機是靠電動機啟動的。 (3) 【英】【舊】汽車 a.[B] (1...

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      ... Tariff and Terms 1. Motor vehicles: 1 hour NT50 / monthly rent ...custody = '保管' (條款辦法正式用字0 (your) vehicle and its contents = 車輛及其...


      Any motor vehicle which can be operated cross-country without benefit of a road or trail over land, snow, and other natural terrain. 任何馬達運輸工具(就是指汽車啦)可以在沒有鋪設ㄉ路面越野 或是沒有被拖曳著駛過土地 雪地 和其他天然ㄉ岩層