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  1. move

    • IPA[muːv]



    • vi.
      移動; 轉動; 流動; 搖動;行進
    • vt.
    • n.
    • 過去式:moved 過去分詞:moved 現在分詞:moving

    • 名詞複數:moves

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 移動; 轉動; 流動; 搖動 to move up and down 上下移動 to move on wheels/rails 靠輪子/滑軌移動
    • 2. 行進 to keep sb./sth. moving 使某人/某物繼續前進 move aside! 讓開!
    • 3. 走動 how gracefully she moves 她走起路來真優雅 to move in high society 出入上流社會
    • 4. 搬家; 遷移 to move away 搬走 to move to or into/out of sth. 搬進/搬出某處
    • 5. 進展 things are starting to move on the job front 找工作的情況開始有進展 to get sth./things moving 使某事/情況有進展
    • 6. 調動工作 to move to head office 調到總部工作 to move sideways 平級調動
    • 7. 轉變 to move to the right/left 變得右傾/左傾 to move into the final stage 進入最後階段
    • 8. 採取行動 to move on sth. 針對某事採取措施 to move on the issue 採取措施應對這一問題
    • 9. to move diagonally 走對角 have you moved? — I moved there 你走棋了嗎?──我走到那裡了
    • 10. 售出 to move fast 賣得快


    • 1. 移動 to move one's toes 動一下腳趾 I can't move my leg/the screw 我動不了腿/擰不動螺絲
    • 2. 搬走 who moved my books? 誰動了我的書? someone moved my marker 有人動了我的記號筆
    • 3. 挪走 to move sth. to one side 把某物挪到一邊 to move sth. out of the way 挪開某物
    • 4. 運送; 調集 to move equipment to a new site 把設備運到新工地 to move artillery across the river 把炮兵調到河對岸
    • 5. 調換; 遷移 to be moved to a new job 被調去做新工作 to move jobs 調換工作
    • 6. to move house 搬家 a local firm moved us 一家本地公司為我們搬了家
    • 7. 打動 to move sb. to tears 使某人感動得流淚 to be moved by sth./sb. 被某事物/某人打動
    • 8. 驅使 to move sb. to do sth. 促使某人做某事 I was moved to act by her letter 她的來信促使我採取了行動
    • 9.
    • 10. 提出 to move that ... 提議… I move that the matter be put to the vote 我提議將此事付諸表決
    • 11. 售出 stock that we haven't been able to move 我們賣不掉的存貨


    • 1. 動作 to watch sb.'s every move 觀察某人的一舉一動 one false move and you're dead! 別亂動,不然要你的命!
    • 2. 移動 it's time we were making a move 我們該走了 a company's move into electronics 公司向電子業的轉移
    • 3. 搬家; 遷移; 調動 they are here to help with the move 他們來幫忙搬家 to make the move from A to B 從A遷到B
    • 4. 一步棋 a clever/silly move 一步妙棋/蠢棋 it's your move 該你走棋了
    • 5. 行動 a good/bad/clever move 好的/壞的/聰明的舉措 to make a move 採取行動


    1. go in a specified direction or manner; change position

    2. change the place, position, or state of

    3. change one's place of residence or work

    4. make progress; develop in a particular manner or direction

    5. change from one state, opinion, or activity to another

    6. spend one's time in (a particular sphere) or among (a particular group of people)

    7. influence or prompt (someone) to do something

    8. take action

    9. stir up (an emotion) in someone

    10. propose for discussion and resolution at a meeting or legislative assembly


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