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  1. move along

    • vi.
    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 不停留 the police officer told us to move along 警官告訴我們不要停留
    • 2. 擠緊 move along! 擠一擠! to move along a couple of places 往裡擠幾個位置
    • 3. 繼續前行
    • 4. 進行 things are moving along nicely 事情進展順利


    • 1. 使不逗留 the police moved the crowd along 警察命令人群不得逗留 to move the traffic along 讓車輛往前走
    • 2. 移動 to move sth. along to the right 把某物往右邊移 to move the pile along the shelf 把那堆東西沿著擱板推過去
    • 3. 沿著…移動 to move along a track 沿著軌道前進 his fingers moved along the line/keys 他的手指沿著線條/鍵盤滑動