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  1. move in on

    • ph.
      approach someone or something, especially so as to take action
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    • 有關英文的 翻譯 ~ 麻煩你們哩@@”

      ... worked seven days a week because the client wanted to move in on Monday, 18 March. We finished painting at...

    • 關於jpopsuki的問題

      Server move in progress, will keep you updated here or on Twitter about progress. 正在換伺服器,會在這裡或「推特」隨時更新告知...

    • on/in the lane/alley?

      ...street) the man in [on] the street =普通人(on是美語用法) Every week, fans stop me in the street. New Oxford... car accelerated and moved into the outide lane. She ...