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  1. move on

    • vi.
      繼續前進; 繼續遷移; 流逝; 向…進發;move along
    • vt.
      move along;加快…的進度
    • 釋義


    • 1. 繼續前進; 繼續遷移; 流逝; 向…進發 I'd better be moving on 我該走了 time is moving on quickly 時間過得真快
    • 2. move along
    • 3. 取得進步 ballet has moved on 芭蕾舞藝術有了發展 to deal with a trauma and move on 撫平創傷向前看


    • 1. move along
    • 2. 加快…的進度 let's try and move things on a bit 我們想辦法抓緊一點吧