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  1. move on


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    • 1. 前進;往前走 Move on, please. 請往前走。
    • 2. 出發;離開 By the time he got there, his friends had already moved on. 當他到達那裡的時候,他的朋友們已經走了。
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    • move on與keep going的差別?

      Both "move on" and "keep going" have the meaning of... the entire field without any result, police has finally moved on. When he arrived, all his friends...

    • 請翻譯Suck it up and move on !!!!

      Suck it up and move on !!!!! 男人漢,忍著點(一下子)就忘它了吧! Came to the gym to exercise...

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      ...28:02 補充: The word "do" here = "move on" so, It was really hard when someone you... personal improvement. 2012-10-17 02:49:37 補充: "move on" on this post is one good example. I...