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    make the first move towards

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    • 英文 (向前 向後的解釋)

      1. If you move towards something or someone, you move in their direction. toward是towards的美式英語拼法... you forward something, you cause it to progress or improve.(v.) 3. If something moves rearward, it moves backwards. 4. A backward movement is...

    • 我想請問 toward 跟 towards 的差別

      ... walking towards the bank. 我看到她朝銀行走去。 Jean moved towards the door. 琴向門口走過去。 將近;大約 She is towards sixty. 她將近...

    • 幫忙英翻中這一段和商業有關的文章

      ... action plan should identify the different stages involved in moving towards the target. 這行動計劃 , 對往目標的方向前進時, 所牽涉到的各種不同的階段...