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  1. move up

    • vi.
      向前挪動;升級; 成績提高; 升高一年級
    • vt.
      使…晉升; 使…排名提高
    • 釋義


    • 1. 向前挪動 move up and make room for me 挪動一下給我騰出地方 to move up a bit nearer to the front 往前面挪一點
    • 2. 升級; 成績提高; 升高一年級 to move up to second in the charts 上升到排行榜第2位 to be moved up to a managerial post/the position of director 被提升到管理崗位/經理職位
    • 3. 上升 to move up two points 升高兩點


    • 1. 使…晉升; 使…排名提高 to move sb. up (a class) 讓…升(高一年)級
  2. 知識+

    • 英語文法分析

      ... can feel their heavy boat being moved up and down while going through the locks... can feel their heavy boat being moved up and down. (omit “that is”) ** ...

    • 想請英文高手幫我確認move up的意思?

      Can you move the shipdate up at all? 是的, 此句的意思正是"能把出貨日期提前嗎?" 一般而言, ...362,363 Feb. 03 PO# 364 ↓down 所以, 在這個出貨時間表中move up(上移)r就是提前, move down(下移)就是延後. 單一動詞而言, 提前= to advance; to accelerate...

    • 請問 ”動靜自如” 的英文?

      動靜自如 1) feel comfortable either moving up or staying still 2) move up or stay still as I wish ← I wish也可以是you wish, he wishes, they wish,....等 2009-03-26 17:06:38 補充: 3) be free to move up or to stay still