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  1. movie ticket

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    • 1. 電影票 The movie ticket is eighty dollars. 電影票80元。
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    • 英文文法have two tickets to和for...

      [例句1,I have two tickets to the movie UP. Would you like to go with me... 不是很奇怪嗎? 這就是 ticket to the movieticket for the movie 在語意上的分別! 2011-06-24 21:41:26...

    • 請問[大排長龍]的英文該怎麼說?

      ...: Hmm...I saw a huge line of people buying movie tickets up ahead. Jack: Yeah, can't tell if we could buy the tickets...

    • 英文句子改正

      ...)The seat number should correspond on the number on the movie ticket. => The seat number should be corresponded to the ...