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  1. much

    • IPA[mʌtʃ]



    • adj.
    • pron.
    • adv.
    • comb.
    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 很多的 I don't have much money/time 我的錢/時間不多 she didn't speak much English 她英語會得不多


    • 1. 大量 much of (the) ... …的大部分 there isn't much left 沒有剩下多少
    • 2. 許多 how much? 多少? so much 那麼多
    • 3. 不過如此 he's not much to look at 他看上去很一般 I don't think much of that film 我認為那部電影不怎麼樣


    • 1. 非常 much bigger/smaller 大/小得多 the film was much better than I expected 這部電影比我預期的好多了
    • 2. 極大地 much the... …得多 much too ... 過於
    • 3. 經常 we don't go out much 我們不怎麼出門 do you go to concerts much? 你經常去聽音樂會嗎?
    • 4. 幾乎 his condition is (very) much the same as yesterday 他的情況和昨天幾乎(完全)一樣 it's pretty much like driving a car 這和開汽車很相似
    • 5. 很大程度上 too much 太多 so or very much 非常

    複合形 (combining form)

    • 1. 非常 muchadmired/loved 倍受讚賞/喜愛的 muchneeded 迫切需要的
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