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  1. much as

    • ph.
      儘管; 雖然
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    • 1. 儘管; 雖然 Much as I would like to stay, I really must go home. 我倒是很願意呆在這兒, 可確實得回家了。


    儘管; 雖然

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    • so much as

      版主您好: [so much as]是一組慣用語(idiom), 表示[even(甚至連...)]. 多半用於否定語氣: He say hello to me. 他跟我甚至連招呼都不打. He wouldn't so much as look at me. 他甚至連看都不看我一眼. 不過如果用在肯定句裡(經常與...

    • 請問英文so much....as的用法

      ... are given just so much food as will keep the breath in our...’t lose your passport, as I did last year.別像... are given just so much food that it will keep the breath in...

    • so的文法問題

      ...就放到be動詞的後面去了. 全句的基本結構是the basic competence is not so much as what ... 意思是說:前者的basic competence固然重要,但後者的what更重要. 關係代名詞...