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  1. much obliged

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    • 1. 多謝 Much obliged, he said as I opened the door for him. 我給他開門時他說了一聲“多謝”。



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    • 請教下列文法題(4-6)

      ...shall be very obliged B) will be much obliged to you C) shall be much obliged...是一樣意思的, 在單選題應一起淘汰. will be much obliged是正式英文 也有很多人用shall be, 那是一種...

    • oblige釋義 is more commonly used than the other. 感激 I am much obliged for your kindness = I am much appreciated for your...

    • 英文翻譯 跪求各位大大~~ 不要網頁翻譯那種的唷~

      ...你們此機種的成本和品質我們可期望銷售的成功. Mcanwhile, we shall be much obliged if you will send us your latest catalogue listing...