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    • 一個英文問題"much of"的用法?

      Much of the next ten years I spent studying and working abroad... I spent studying and working abroad. ≡ I spent much of the time in the next ten years studying and working abroad...

    • as much的用法

      "as much" here means "the same". The meaning of the sentence...比率太低,所以學校僱用學生在校內工作. 2014-05-24 20:45:05 補充: 再請問as much 的 as詞性為何 "as" is an adverb, so is "much", they...

    • much 修飾動詞 通常放在哪個位置?

      You often use (very much) at end of a clause:-eg:- Do you play video game much?I don't game at home much. Much is uncountable:-eg:-Did you get very much video game played?.. How much videogame do you play? So much, as...