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  1. mucous membrane


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    • 醫學英文幫翻

      1.trimester(n.) a period of three months. >>>三個月,一學期(名詞) 三個月的期間. 2.ulcer(n.) open lesion on the skin or mucous membrane of th body. >>>潰瘍(名詞) 身體的皮膚或黏膜上的開放性病灶 參考看看

    • 有人知道”villosities”是什麼意思嗎??

      ... threadlike projections covering the surface of the mucous membrane lining the small intestine, serving as the sites of absorption...

    • 化妝品要小心~~幫翻英文10點喔

      ... the stimulating gas, can cause allergically , breathing problem, mucous membrane tissue, must be notified carcinogenically in animal's experiment, forbid in some ...