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  1. muddle along

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    • 1. 【貶】混日子 We muddle along from day to day. 我們一天天地混日子。



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    • 四句簡單的中翻英 生活用語

      ...coincidence Oh 得過且過Muddling through詞典(過一天算一天, 不作長遠打算) muddle along; drift along; get by however one can; If it can pass, pass it.; let [leave...

    • where could provide 5-axis ?

      ... to quality control and mass production person are different, there is no muddling along occurring. Hope you can satisfied. Tel: +886...

    • [中翻英] 請幫我翻順暢簡單一點 <20點>

      ...air get into my head, awake came over from the muddled appearance, after entering a bathroom to wash, The...look about to the scenery of the seaside road everywhere, all of along the roads are our happy laughters...