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  1. muddle up

    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 混淆 Later they may muddle up your names with those of your cousins. 以後他們可能會把你的名字跟你堂兄弟們的名字相混淆。
  2. 知識+

    • Dressed up to the nines? a party or what? Why are you dressed up to the nines like that? 你是去參加派對嗎?怎麼 confusion or disarray, or people who are collectively in a muddle or at loggerheads about how to deal with some situation...

    • 四句簡單的中翻英 生活用語

      ...Muddling through詞典(過一天算一天, 不作長遠打算) muddle along; drift along; get by however one can; If it can a web of one's own spinning; tie oneself up with ...; weave a cocoon and get imprisoned in it; wrap...

    • 需要英文文章 (急) 20點

      ...he called out to the Lamb, "how dare you muddle the water from which Iam drinking?" "...quot;said Lambikin "if the water be muddy up there,Icannot be the cause of it,for it runs...