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    multiple choice
  1. multiple-choice

    • IPA[mʌltɪp(ə)lˈtʃɔɪs]


    • adj.
      (of a question in an examination) accompanied by several possible answers from which the candidate must try to choose the correct one.
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    • a multiple question是單選題還是複選題

      ... and you have to choose the correct one:  列出一些答案你必須選出正確的那個a multiple-choice test5. 在Hot Potatoes這個有名的網路英文評量製作軟體中的...

    • multiple choice.

      According to psychologiest, REQUIRE(D) certain emotional skills. another basic skill is self-control, AND (A) the ability to cope with our emotions and moods. the third aspected of EQ is KNOWN...

    • Some English Multiple Choice

      (A) 1."Something borrowed" means friends with happy marriage will _____ you. (A) rub off on (B) turn off (C) rub off (D) rub along 「從別人借東西」意味有好婚姻的朋友會沾好婚姻的運氣給你。 rub off on 是指某人對另外的人有...