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  1. mushroom cloud


    • n.
      a mushroom-shaped cloud of dust and debris formed after a nuclear explosion.
    • noun: mushroom cloud, plural noun: mushroom clouds

  2. 知識+

    • mushroom的意思

      ...新的建築物像雨後春筍般出現。 a.[B] 1. 蘑菇的 2. 蘑菇形的 The mushroom cloud of the A-bomb hung over the desert again. 原子彈爆炸的蘑菇雲再度籠罩...

    • 香菇的英文是複合字嗎?

      ..., etc., it is attested from 1916, though the actual phrase mushroom cloud does not appear until 1958. 出身: 拉丁文里加上英法文, musherun/moss ...

    • 請問這一句的句子結構.主詞動詞在哪

      ...強調說話的當時 By clouds of white sand : 說明我們被什麼包住了 that mushroomed up around us : 形容clouds (或sand) could it be an underwater bomb : 說明我在想什麼 至於您問主詞動詞在哪裡...