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  1. mushrooming

    • mushroom的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
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    • mushroom的意思

      n.[C] 1. 蘑菇;傘菌;蕈 Some mushrooms are edible; some are poisonous. 有些蘑菇...a.[B] 1. 蘑菇的 2. 蘑菇形的 The mushroom cloud of the A-bomb hung over the desert...

    • The Kombucha Mushroom People?

      ...of a Down 合唱團一首叫做 Sugar 的歌裡: The kombucha mushroom people, Sitting around all day, Who can believe you, Who can believe...

    • 小王子說的mushroom的原意

      ...and you sure need to trust this on American princess.My brotheruse "mushroom" to refer to the man who1. is always excited (red-faced...