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  1. music perception

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    • english qustion about music

      ... made between something which is current and the past history. Music is an aesthetic art. It involves perception, expression, imagination, and emotional reaction. Through this art, one can perceive and...

    • 英文高手幫我檢討我的英文作文吧

      我覺得應該是這樣: My perception toward bass and music After participating in Yamaha...very hard to feel. Suddenly, I felt music seems like a tremendous gate obstructing a...

    • 英翻中翻譯~~~語意要通順!!!

      ...語言,書寫,邏輯,數學應用,及自然科學 The right hemisphere controls music,art,creativity,perception,and emotion. 腦的右半球控制著 音樂,人文藝術, 創作,感知能力, 及情感 ...