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  1. musical instrument


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    • 一些有關英語和音樂的問題

      ... Piano: a musical instrument having steel wire ...or wire brush) xylophone: a percussion instrument consisting of a series of... in length to produce the musical scale, supported on ...

    • 樂器的英文翻譯表達方式

      樂器需要講 musical instrument instrument 是儀器的意思,前面需要加上的字來表示是什麼樣的儀器 http://en.wikipedia...instrument / lab instrument = 實驗室的儀器 measuring instrument = 測量儀器 electrical instrument = 電子儀器 medical instrument = 醫療儀器 等等 2011-02-10 01:05:22 補充: ...

    • 中文短文翻英文((急

      The musical instrument in the photo is called "xx", a four-stringed Chinese...the orchestra, I met a lot of friends who also played the same instrument as me. Since the Chinese lute was not very popular at...